The most recent episode of Lost Girl (5.8) featured the main characters consuming a drink in which one of the featured ingredients were the eyes plucked from oracles (although it was not clear to me if the drink was alcoholic). Drinking it allowed the protagonist to for-see the near future. » 1/28/15 7:24am 1/28/15 7:24am

This is a really interesting finding. However, they only have an n of 1, so it is difficult to conclude that the tree had anything to do with the timing of the birth. I'd love to see if Dr. H.T. Dublin and any other researcher observe this sequence of events again. » 7/28/14 8:31am 7/28/14 8:31am

There is plenty of opportunity to cite previous research. This is not difficult and it is in fact one of the first and most important things you learn as a young scientist. If you are going to embark on a new research project, then it is pertinent that you become familiar with the current literature on your area of… » 7/22/14 12:41pm 7/22/14 12:41pm

I just use my alarm and set my alarm about 5-10 minutes before I'm supposed to arrive at my stop. I know exactly how long it takes for the train/bus to reach my destination when I'm commuting to work (there's not much variation except on unusually traffic-y days). I've never been late using my phone's alarm. » 6/11/14 11:17am 6/11/14 11:17am

The Age of Apocalypse.

The teaser at the end was hinting at what's to come now that they've changed the timeline. It is basically the reverse of this movie. The mutant Apocalypse takes over North America in his bid to establish mutants as the new ruling class. » 5/24/14 8:53pm 5/24/14 8:53pm